LFS Directions

Matthew Burgess matthew at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Feb 1 14:49:25 PST 2010

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Mark Rosenstand wrote:
>> Much more clever would be to mention MAKEFLAGS in the intro somewhere,
>> and add -j1 as needed for the packages that don't support parallel make.
>> This is what I do in my build scripts, and out of >1300 source packages,
>> I've only had to enforce -j1 for 15 or so. Many of those are using
>> obscure build systems, e.g. cdrtools with its Silly Makefile System.
> We might also 
> consider using the environment variable CONFIG_SITE to cache configure 
> settings.
> Would you care to offer the wording to use?  I think we are too close to 
> LFS 6.6 ut use this, but we might want to try it for 6.7.

I like both of these ideas too, but agree that it's a little too close 
to 6.6, unfortunately.  They *seem* fairly innocuous but as they pervade 
the entire build probably need some fairly heavy testing.



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