LFS Directions

jonathan.slark at talktalk.net jonathan.slark at talktalk.net
Tue Feb 2 00:54:54 PST 2010

> That's probably overkill. All I know is I've previously been burnt by 
> both GCC and Glibc with `-j3' on 2 cores. And considering the importance 
> of these packages, I take no chances and just add the `-j1'. Note the 
> comment in followup to this:
> http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc/2006-03/msg00000.html
> I guess for everything else, if breakage is discovered, fix the 
> Makefile :-) Failing that, then add the`-j1'. I've only had 4 cores for a 
> short while and with 6 cores entering the mainstream who knows..

In my experience there isn't a problem with many packages and there is usually
an error, often complaining about a missing file as there was a race condition.
The only time I've been stung with MAKEFLAGS is with subversion.  I built and
installed the package with no errors only to find out half the libraries were


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