LFS-BOOK-6.8.pdf - error, p. 56

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 10:02:25 PST 2011

Andy Prough wrote:
> Hi,
> p. 56 of the PDF version:
>      cp -rv dest/include/* /tools/include
> should be:
>      cp -rv dest/include/* tools/include
> One "/" too many.

Page 56 is not very well defined.  You are referring to page 36 in the 
pdf as it is numbered internally.  It is much petter to refer to the 
Chapter and Section title, as in Chapter 5, Linux-2.6.37 API Headers.

For the 2nd point, the book is correct.  See Chapter 4, Creating the 
$LFS/tools Directory.

   -- Bruce

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