Thinking forward LFS-7.0

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Mar 13 21:39:04 PDT 2011

Okay, so I was just thinking...<replaceable><Deity></replaceable> 
help us! I figure we have at least 6 months, potentially a year until 
the next major LFS release, and now seems like a pretty good time to 
explore some of the ideas that have been shelved for previous releases, 
and even some new ones. Here is a quick list to see if there is any 
interest. I'll reply to my own post afterward to separate my own 
suggestions from the initial list.

* Package Management - Always causes a good debate.

* DESTDIR - Been mentioned several times and actually this is not too 
disruptive (I did a POC about 3 years ago).

* LSB Compliance - For LFS we are nearly there anyway.

* Dynamic boot script - No more static list of links, this kind of ties 
into LSB Bootscripts, but there are other options.

* Multi-lib - Shunned previously, but there are many projects that 
expect this environment.

* EGlibC - Seems like Debian and friends are moving to EGlibc, gives us 
a couple of niceties but nothing major, not sure what other distros are 
doing, but I've seen a lot of mentions of it recently. The work is 
already done by the way, our fellow devs at CLFS already have it covered 
for us.

* Modular *.d/ directories - I'm pretty sure this is already covered in 
another thread, but it should be done by default where possible.

* Anything else that I've missed

-- DJ Lucas

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