Thinking forward LFS-7.0

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Mar 13 21:57:41 PDT 2011

On 03/13/2011 11:45 PM, DJ Lucas wrote:
>> * EGlibC - Seems like Debian and friends are moving to EGlibc, gives us
>> a couple of niceties but nothing major, not sure what other distros are
>> doing, but I've seen a lot of mentions of it recently. The work is
>> already done by the way, our fellow devs at CLFS already have it covered
>> for us.
> Same thing, I've seen lots of mentions of it so I'm throwing out the
> feelers. CLFS has already done this and I've used both. I have no real
> opinion either way yet. I did not have anything more than minor issues
> making GLibC proper conform to my expectations (/lib ->  lib64/, /usr/lib
> ->  /usr/lib64, /lib32, and /usr/lib32).
One additional caveat on this: AFAIK, there are no official tarballs. 
I've used and updated to latest versions with no ill-affects previously 
following the security exploits of a few months ago. I've now switched 
back to GLibC-2.12.2 proper in a multi-lib environment. One side affect 
of generating our own tarball is that patching could be eliminated. 
Really no gain or loss here, so it probably just goes by the wayside.

-- DJ Lucas

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