Thinking forward LFS-7.0

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Mar 13 23:52:06 PDT 2011

On 03/14/2011 01:25 AM, Nathan Coulson wrote:
> I should finish that writeup someday...  There was some change we made 
> to the gcc page that I couldn't quite make work w/ multilib, so I just 
> used the old way.

I kept track of and documented my changes to CLFS Multi-Lib x86_64. If 
you'd like, I can send you the text file and alternate patches. It has 
been a couple of months since I did this, but should still be mostly 
relevant if you want to move to the cross tool build. Big text file 
1300+ lines but includes full build instructions for packages that I 
deviated on, and LFS-ized where CLFS differs. You'd be largely on your 
own (as I am), but this is no different than where you are now. :-) I 
had thought about trying to maintain an internal copy in docbook source, 
but it is just entirely too much work and I've got enough of that as is. :-)

-- DJ Lucas

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