[lfs-dev] campaign to save su

John Burrell john_burrell at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 4 10:57:38 PDT 2012

>> I already understand the problem. Thank.


>As do I now that I know that the su-tools I thought may have come packaged with the helper >scripts didn't, it was from coreutils and is now awol
>well, like I said it's been a while, but I have acquired a couple of old Dell d600 laptops so will play >around.

>My guess is simply grabbing from the host as Bruce suggested is the easiest option.
I intuitively don't like that solution because if someone grabs my script to play around with it, they will likely have a different host and su could be in a different location from my host.

I tried compiling shadow at the end of chapter 5 and using that su - but it doesn't work. It doesn't appear to execute the bashrc file in the package user directory. I went back to try coreutils-8.17 and that version of su works okay. I don't understand why at the moment.

What is likely to be the difference between the coreutils-8.17 version and the shadow version of su, that I compiled, to make it behave this way?

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