[lfs-dev] campaign to save su

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Tue Sep 11 20:59:20 PDT 2012

Drew Ames wrote:
> On 09/05/2012 11:06 PM, Bryan Kadzban wrote:
>> Drew Ames wrote:
>>> It seems that the simplest solution would be to build coreutils-8.15
>>> or some other version prior to 8.18. Run configure and make, then
>>> copy the uninstalled version to /tools/bin/su:  'cp src/su
>>> /tools/bin'
>>> Until somebody can figure out why the shadow su is behaving
>>> differently, the above option seems to be a good one.
>>> Thoughts?
>> Old versions of the pkg-user hint have sources for a trivial su program
>> that does everything necessary for current versions of the hint as well;
>> it only changes from root to a user, but that's enough.  That seems
>> simpler than trying to hang onto an old version of coreutils and build
>> pieces of it, or building pieces of shadow, at least to me.  :-)
> Hi Bryan and John,
> I just got back from a vacation where I didn't go online for a number of 
> days (yay!).
> So, I'm just now getting back to this thread.
> Bryan, would you please point me to the older versions of the package 
> users hint helpers with the trivial su program? I can't seem to find 
> them anywhere.


(Starting at line 802.)

Note that some of that code is no longer necessary, since we now install
glibc in chapter 5 as well, but it shouldn't hurt as far as I can see.
If you install su without the setuid bit, then it can be built from
really really dumb sources.  :-)

> I'm presuming it was written in C. Is that right?


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