[lfs-dev] lfs-book r10001 e2fsprogs build error

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 10:47:41 PDT 2012

DJ Lucas wrote:
> On 09/30/2012 12:04 AM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> What does '/usr/share/doc/flex-2.5.37' have to do with 'ln -sv libfl.a
>> /usr/lib/libl.a'?  I don't see the connection.

>  Sorry, it is only related in that it's the same package. I'm not sure
> what the policy is for being able to reinstall a package without making
> changes to the instructions.

I don't know that we have a policy on that.  It wouldn't be unreasonable 
to ensure a re-install would work.

> I don't know if using -f for all ln
> commands would be appropriate throughout chapter 6 or not. This is a
> very minor issue and could easily be ignored as it would be best
> practice not to use -f when not needed, or it could be 'fixed' in that
> it is appropriate for a reinstall of flex. Could just as easily argue
> that the command should be removed in a reinstall/upgrade. I just ran
> into a minor issue that also tripped up jhalfs and figured I'd report it.

Looking at what we have now, I think most places have ln -svf.  IN some 
cases -svfn.  Reviewing for places where -f is not used:

bootscripts Makefile

Chapter 4:
  ln -sv $LFS/tools /

Chapter 5
  tcl       - one place
  bash      - one place
  binutils  - one place
  gcc-pass1 - one place
  gcc-pass2 - onen place

Chapter 6
  Creating directories - Four places
  Creating Creating Essential Files and Symlinks - Five places
  gcc   - Two places
  groff - Two places
  bzip2 - three places
  kmod  - two places
  vim   - two places
  flex  - one place
  adjusting toolchain - one place

Chapter 8
  grub - one place

The only place I think it makes any difference would be in Chapter 6 in 
the six actual packages but even there, the gcc and vim cases are 
covered in BLFS for reinstallation.

I note that in a couple of cases we use ln -vs instead of ln -sv.  I 
think we need to be more consistent there.  (Chapter 5 bash and 
gcc-pass*).  I will fix that for sure.

   -- Bruce

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