[lfs-dev] LFS 7.3 ISO discussion

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 15:15:30 PDT 2013

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Starting a new thread since the original subject was not about an ISO.
> William Harrington wrote:
>  > I have been updating the 6.3 livecd  for 7.x releases. It can also be
>  > used to build previous releases.
>  >
>  > I spent the afternoon and evening updating and testing the current
>  > updated livecd for the 7.3 release.

I downloaded the iso and booted it in a qemu virtual machine.  So far it 
works well.  I noticed that most of the package versions are the minimum 
as specified in Host System Requirements.  That's good.

The exceptions I saw:

Minimum      ISO
Grep-2.5.1a  2.5.1   (not sure if that is really 2.5.1a or not)
Tar-1.18     1.26
Xz-5.0.0     5.0.4

I don't think these are a problem.

I was able to start sshd and log into the system remotely, but only 
after I created a new user.  We might want to create a default lfsuser 
with a lfsuser password.  There is also no root password.  I don't know 
if that's an issue for initial setup or not.

I'm also thinking about creating an lfs-73-qemu.img file for users to 
use directly with qemu without going through a live cd boot.  That would 
allow a faster start when using qemu and easy replication.

   -- Bruce

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