[lfs-dev] Coreutils-8.21

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Sat Mar 23 08:48:39 PDT 2013

Le 23/03/2013 16:19, Roger Koehler a écrit :
> Is this normal for Coreutils:
> FAIL: tests/rm/many-dir-entries-vs-OOM.sh
> I just got the one failure:
> 1 of 426 tests failed
> (112 tests were not run)
> I'm building LFS 7.3 on Debian 6.  I deviated from the book slightly 
> so that I wouldn't have to re-install Coreutils later after installing 
> acl and Linux PAM.  I also wanted to keep tcl, expect, DejaGNU, and 
> check.  Here is my build sequence:
It seems to pass during a build following the book. But since you 
installed attr and acl, the error may be related to that.
I think the coreutils test system produces a log in the same directory 
and with the same name as the test, that is 
tests/rm/many-dir-entries-vs-OOM.sh in your case. You may want to look 
at it to see if the error is acl related.

OTH, I would not worry much about that test failing, if no obvious 
debugging info is found... It seems to work on a directory containing 
200000 files, which is not so common...


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