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You might want to investigate https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox which is
being developed by the folks at https://freedomboxfoundation.org/ They are
trying to solve a more general problem, but that probably includes some
email capability.

On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 9:02 AM, Jan-Christoph Bornschlegel -
trollfood at googlemail.com wrote:

> Am 29.04.2014 18:04, schrieb Aleksandar Kuktin:
> > [...]
> > For example, I'm thinking about using DNS+VPN+hacked and repurposed
> > WiFi router as my personal (and world-wide portable) e-mail server and
> > "presence server". I'll post a report to LFS when I'm done to let you
> > all know how it went. :)
> That sounds like a very interesting project, not only because of the
> Snowden leaks, but also to recapture "The Internet"(tm). Most services
> were initially designed to be as distributed and independent as
> possible, but this contradicts commercial interests and data mining
> based business models (not to mention the enormous effort for agencies).
> I would also like to have my own email server, but since people send
> unencrypted messages, I'd need _full_ control over the server XOR I have
> to trust somebody who runs my mailbox, mailserver or root server, since
> as soon as I can physically access a box, I own it -- the only thing
> protecting from that is disk encryption, AFAIK.
> Some idea I think about is putting together a minimum system which only
> has the function to boot to something ssh'able (like a rescue system on
> some distro) with a pubkey in the known_hosts, which then allows access
> per challenge/response to a defined set of people to bootstrap the rest:
> mounting crypto partitions and getting network services running (that
> would probably be done using runlevel scripts).
> That done, I could easily get some used 19'' equipment, setup the
> machine at home, offline, probably based on somthing I _really_ know
> what's going on, prepare the keys on it and then transfer it to my
> favourite housing provider (who has to sit near me, of course) to plug
> in power and network.
> The services I think I'd need are CalDAV, address book for syncing my
> dumbphone, and email; so I'd probably run an onwcloud instance and an
> email server.
> Actually this is one of the reasons I started using LFS ;)
> If anyone of you shares interest in that area, let me know. Although I
> admit that the state is merely a set of ideas.
> cheers
> Jan
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