[lfs-dev] section 7.8 UTF-8 warning

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sat May 3 16:15:50 PDT 2014

 I'm just re-reading chapter 7 while I reorganise my own
buildscripts to cope with systemd OR udev-sysvinit OR
eudev-sysvinit, and was skipping over "The Bash Shell Startup Files"
because it is for all build variants when down at the bottom I

UTF-8 based locales are not supported well by many programs. Work is
in progress to document and, if possible, fix such problems, see

 Now, certainly there appear to be problems with _some_ programs
(unless that page in BLFS is totally out of date), but I think we
have long left behind the stage where _many_ programs (or at least
many of the common ones) do not support UTF-8 well.  Or maybe I'm
unaware of problems that people are still seeing, particularly in
programs beyond-BLFS ?

 So, I'm suggesting s/many/some/

das eine Mal als Tragödie, dieses Mal als Farce

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