[lfs-dev] dbus, systemd, polkit, and consolekit

Thierry Nuttens tnuttens at gmail.com
Sat May 10 04:16:10 PDT 2014

Put systemd as a hit would be probably a good idea.
I cannot (yet) figure out what systemd will bring. From my short
experience, they was one nice I found: It not only the boot time but also
the shutdown time which is much shorter. Anyway, I would like to tanks
again Bruce for all his invastigations. Obviously what I was affraid become
realitie. Systemd concept is totally wrong. Need to be INDEPENDANT modules
and stop to stick so much to the kernel code.

Tanks again for all yours efforts
Le 10 mai 2014 13:03, "TheOldFellow" <theoldfellow at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> > I have spent the last several days trying to understand the internals of
> > dbus, polkit, and consolekit in an attempt to integrate System V and
> > systemd.
> >
> > I have not been successful.  The linkages are not transparent at all.
> > For example lxsession-logout tries to get permissions for poweroff or
> > reboot in a very complex way.
> >
> > It calls dbus to get permissions for systemd-logind.  While running
> <snip>
> >
> > Unless I get some feedback in the next couple of days with solid reasons
> > that systemd, polkit, and consolekit are important, I am going to
> > replace systemd with eudev in LFS and minimize recommendations for
> > polkit and consolekit in BLFS.
> >
> > I'm a little undecided whether dbus should remain in LFS or not.  It
> > doesn't hurt much, but it also isn't much use in an non-xorg environment
> > unless you are using systemd.  To use it in an xorg environment, it (at
> > least dbus-launch) needs to be built after xorg-libs.
> >
> > Many users come to LFS because they don't want the "bloat" of the
> > commercial distros.  I am now willing to return to those roots.
> >
> > Feedback is welcome.
> >
> >    -- Bruce
> On my system, replacing sysVinit and systemd with runit, I can get to the
login prompt in under 8 seconds  (AMD fx-4100 Quad, 4 GiB - with LVM and
initrd).  I could simplify the bootscripts and go faster, but I wanted to
maintain compatibility with LFS bootscripts.  I totally back your
almost-decision to remove systemd from the SVN.  I'd move d-bus out too,
along with attr and acl.  The whole boot system shenanigan is an attempt by
RedHat to become another Microsoft IMHO (which ain't so 'H', I admit).
> There IS cause for a fork of the book for those who want to have systemd
so they can build a distro-look-alike.  But that is in hint territory.
> Richard.
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