[lfs-dev] dbus, systemd, polkit, and consolekit

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>On Sat, 10 May 2014 10:14:14 -0300
>Fernando de Oliveira <famobr at yahoo.com.br> wrote:

> [...] who is going to build a server prefers to chose the init
> system from the beginning and will not be wanting to reboot in
> different inits. Neither will care about boot/shutdown times, I
> suspect.

Strongly disagree. I think one of the reasons systemd is being pushed
hard by "systems companies" (companies that have a lot to do with
servers and such) is because of the interplay between servers,
virtualization, and server instantiation.

Basically, I believe that, apart from virtualization, hosting companies
also use server instantiation to promise even more based on even less
actuall hardware. In the beggining, if you rented a server, you would
get actuall hardware allocated to you. Then someone invented
virtualization and then hosting companies would buy less harware and
run more "servers" on that less hardware, potentially promising
customers their servers large performances, but actually being unable
to deliver everything they promised to everyone they promised it to.
Now, I think, they are trying to push this even further by litterally
shuting down virtual servers when they are on a light load. So, I think
they are trying to make a system where they have few really high power
CPUs that have many (read: too many) virtual servers allocated to them,
and they first start one batch of servers, shut them down, start the
next batch, run them through, shut them down and then go to the first
batch. All the while promising even more performance to even more people
while being able to deliver less than they ever were (relative to what
they promised).

So, I think that is a major driving force behind systemd. The other
seems to be what I just made out from Armins last e-mail, that being
the Matrix doesn't trust its lackeys and wants to shield its assets
from them. Which also explains why they are pushing (somewhat) for
maleable encryption (encryption systems that do not protect from
changing the encrypted data, thus enabling computation on the data
without first decrypting it).

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