[lfs-dev] LFS 7.5 Brazilian Portuguese Complete

Alberto Senna Dias Neto albertosdneto at gmail.com
Sun May 11 23:46:09 PDT 2014

2014-05-12 3:18 GMT-03:00 Steve <icmp.request.lists at gmail.com>:

>  I highly appreciate the initiative, but there are many minor gramatical
> errors:
> "... Mas era minha própria criação. Montar um sistema desses foi muito
> gratificante. A única coisa que poderia ser melhor seria se eu mesmo
> tivesse escrito cada programa. Essa foi a melhor coisa que se seguiu. Essa
> foi a melhor coisa que se seguiu."
> "Esta seção explica algumas da lógica e dos detalhes técnicos..."
> "Certifique-se de que não hava arquivos..."
> "Neste ponto é imperativo para e certificar-se de que as funções básicas
> (compilar e lincar) do novo toolchain estão funcionando como esperado..."
> Etc.
> As I've read just some small parts of the translation, I do not know if
> these minor issues could interfere or not with the understanding of
> building an LFS System. I would recommend setting the book to "alpha" until
> there are reports of success from Brazilian users using only the
> translation, and "beta" until it's more mature gramatically speaking.
> But it was a great job. If I wouldn't be messed up already with many UEFI
> and Intel Video issues from my new hardware on already existing Linux
> Distributions, I would read and try it right away.
> Regards.
Thank you, Steve, I Agree with you.

I have been working on it for so long that I became blind to several
I will take a couple of days off and then start over again to fix it.


Alberto Senna Dias Neto
albertosdneto at gmail.com
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