[lfs-dev] How change charset of html to utf-8

Alberto Senna Dias Neto albertosdneto at gmail.com
Sat May 17 12:00:43 PDT 2014

>  In the BOOK/ directory (trunk/BOOK), or svn copy trunk/BOOK
> branches/unicode for any editors who want to try this -
> find -type f | xargs sed -i 's/encoding="ISO-8859-1"/encoding="UTF-8"/'
I had this concern before begining translation to Brazilian Portugues, but
the po tools (xml2po, po4a or itstool) change the encoding of the
translated xml to utf-8 automatically.

No need to run 'sed' if you use any of those tools, just bring the original
xml to po, translate, and take the translation into xml again. The
translated xml will have its encoding changed to utf-8.
It has been working perfectly with xml2po and worked fine as well with po4a.

Once the translation is done, just run 'make'.

Alberto Senna Dias Neto
albertosdneto at gmail.com
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