[lfs-dev] Incorrect md5 checkum

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue May 27 16:59:15 PDT 2014

Kenneth Harrison wrote:
> Package:
> lfs-bootscripts-20140511.tar.bz2 31.6kb
> has a checksum of a5e76d8f0de450805bb0ef9e8dda82b4
> but in the md5sums file, it has a checksum of:
> d39c125a38e1f7755c9d4e989fcc6e1e
> Was this file/archive changed recently?

The bootscripts for -dev are regenerated daily.  Even if the contents do 
not change, the md5sum will change due to date differences.  If you 
download the md5sums file and the bootscripts at the same time, then 
they should match.

Today's version has a md5sum of a5e76d8f0de450805bb0ef9e8dda82b4 and 
that matches what is in today's md5sums file.

   -- Bruce

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