[lfs-dev] Grub Video Modules

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Wed Oct 1 05:38:39 PDT 2014

On 09/30/2014 09:27 PM, Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> Dan McGhee wrote:
>>      insmod ieee1275_fb
> IEEE 1275 is the Open Firmware spec.  Not sure if OF applies to x86 or not
> though.
>>      insmod vbe
> VESA BIOS extensions, aka "video modes better than the original VGA spec's
> 640x480" (by ... 4 bit color I think?)
>>      insmod vga
> Given that VBE is above, I bet this is VGA-spec-only.  It's a framebuffer,
> more or less, but it's a really low resolution one by today's standards.
>>      insmod video_bochs
> Bochs is a virtualization setup, so I *suspect* this one is "hardware"
> dependent, in that if you're not running in a bochs VM you won't need it.
>>      insmod video_cirrus
> Cirrus is definitely an old video chipset.  I therefore also suspect this is a
> hardware specific driver.
Thanks, Bryan, this helps.  Takes me back to the "old days" of playing 
games using a 5-1/4 in floppy.  :)


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