[lfs-dev] grub-2.02~beta2

Mattias Schlenker ms at mattiasschlenker.de
Fri Oct 3 02:10:37 PDT 2014

Am 02.10.2014 um 17:27 schrieb Dan McGhee:
> I've been thinking about what I said here. The statement "I can't test 
> it...," is not complete. I can test, and have tested, everything up 
> to, but not including, powering up and defaulting to the grub screen 
> after I upgraded, not a fresh install, to Win-8.1. I can take the 
> place of the default boot manager and select the boot loader that I 
> want to use. However, the engineer in me says that this is not 
> adequate to say, "This procedure works."
> I don't want to write a hint that has not been tested in its entirety. 
> This is why I'd like to enlist one or two people to test the 
> procedures in the hint.

Windows did the equivalent of running efibootmgr and registered the 
Windows bootmanager as first or only bootmanager present.

I wonder how we should treat dual or triple boot configurations 
properly. Which kind of configuration do we treat as normal? Usually in 
multi boot configurations you see Windows, a "normal" Linux and LFS. In 
these cases one would usually add LFS to the GRUB config of the normal 
linux. On BIOS you might also use GRUB to switch active partitions and 
chainload individual GRUBs for LFS and the normal distro resp. Windows. 
This is what I do on my notebooks where i frequently reinstall 

On UEFI you could do the same: Add LFS to an existing GRUB. On the other 
hand you could add an GRUBX64.EFI as LFSX64.EFI to the list of UEFI 
bootloaders via efibootmgr. On a fresh machine with just LFS and no 
other systems you would probably use the default /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI.

In my opinion this is to much complexity. Thus I would recommend not 
creating partitions for LFS, but in any case use a separate drive. This 
might even be a 32GB USB thumb drive (should cost less than 15€), do a 
clean install (thus not thinking about dual boot configurations). In the 
end you have to pop up the boot selection menu and choose the drive to 
boot from. This way we can provide a clean and usable configuration 
without having to go too much to the details of dual and triple boot 
configurations - which have many side effects especially when 
chainloading on UEF.


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