[lfs-dev] libcap vs libcap-ng

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 13:23:17 PDT 2014

I notice that util-linux searches for libcap-ng (last release 0.7.4, 30 
April 2014) in order to build setpriv.

I've never used setpriv:

"Sets or queries various Linux privilege settings that are inherited
across execve(2)."

I don't know how useful that is, but we should probably build it if we can.

Does anyone know if libcap-ng is a drop-in replacement for libcap?


In a related matter, util-linux's configure does the right thing with

./configure ADJTIME_PATH=/var/lib/hwclock/adjtime \

but it gives some warnings.  I can avoid the warnings with:

/configure \
   --without-systemd \
   --without-systemdsystemunitdir \
   --without-python \
   --disable-chfn-chsh \
   --disable-login \
   --disable-su \
   --disable-setpriv \
   --disable-runuser \

Is that worthwhile?

   -- Bruce

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