[lfs-dev] Test failures in something close to current LFS

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Wed Jan 28 16:23:56 PST 2015

 I've started on a build, with current LFS plus a few variations
(bison-3.0.4, libtool-2.4.5, patch-2.7.3, linux-3.19-rc6 headers)
and I've also changed my build to untar and compile in a tmpfs -
does not seem to make any significant difference to the build times I
can compare, but perhaps the untarring and rm -rf is faster.

 Anyway, I mention the tmpfs because attr's testsuite failed - you
can't have extended attributes in tmpfs - and it is possible that
the new gcc failures are related to this, or, of course, to the
newer kernel headers.

 I'm seeing errors, beyond those I expected to see, in the testsuites

gcc: 125 unexpected failures in g++, 658 in gcc, 22 in libstdc++
instead of the usual handful of failures.  The last time I saw those
sorts of numbers was a little while before my AmigaOne expired.

perl: unexpected error number in getnameinfo.t, invalid argument in
io_multihomed.t and io_sock.t : I think I've seen something like
that in the last few months, but I thought it had gone away (didn't
run any tests on real hardware for my previous build, and the logs
from the i686 VM tests are in qemu images).

 This is _intended_ to be a full build of the desktop packages I
care about, to be followed by some server and other things in a VM.

 So, maybe nothing to worry about :)

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