[lfs-dev] Failures in tests

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 3 12:08:55 PST 2015

Just in case anybody cares, this is a summary of the testsuite
failures I have had when building x86_64 on an AMD phenom x4 and a
SandyBridge i3 (identical failures), and building i686 on an AMD A4.

I will ignore the test results from bc - they always show loads of
rounding differences, as Bruce pointed out when I first looked at
that package (no, I never used to test it in BLFS).  Packages in
alphabetical order.

To be absolutely clear - testsuite failures only matter if they show
up a new problem, and even then they mostly do not matter.  For gcc,
the results look significantly better (only 18 failures on x86_64)
now that I have stopped running those tests in parallel (that used to
be ok, and the script formats the results nicely, but now there must
be races).

acl : I don't think I've got any access controls enabled in my
kernel, so I get 8 failures on each machine.

autoconf - Libtool test fails, as noted (one test fails due to
changes in libtool-2.4.3 and later).

eudev continues to report 1 errors, as it has done for some time,
but with no identifiable error.


 on i686, 4 failures in g++ - asan/asan_test.C and 3 in
 ipa/pr61160-3.C x3 (gcc itself is clean)

 on x86_64 (both AMD and intel) gcc has 2 failures in
 tsan/thread_leak1.c, and g++ has 18 failures - 16 in the torture
 tests and the same 2 in tsan/thread_leak1.c


 on i686, 4 failures math/test-ldouble nptl/tst-cleanupx4

 on x86_64 just posix/tst-getaddrinfo{4,5}


 on i686 ping-localhost.sh failed (ok on x86_64, might be a kernel
 config issue).

libtool - Standalone Libltdl x4, and linking libltdl without

perl - cpan/Socket/t/getnameinfo.t dist/IO/t/io_multihomed.t

Everything else was fine (well, I'm never quite sure about bash and
vim but their results looked normal).

Just in case anybody is in any doubt, everything I have tried so far
to use the finished systems is ok (still got a bit more to do,
and the i686 build is still struggling through libreoffice).

Nanny Ogg usually went to bed early. After all, she was an old lady.
Sometimes she went to bed as early as 6 a.m.

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