[lfs-dev] static libs

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sat Mar 7 15:21:03 PST 2015

I've just started a 32-bit qemu build.  For most of the packages
where I noticed static libs, I'm adding --disable-static.  Not for
flex or zlib.  For ncurses I'm adding --disable-normal : I suspect
it one or two static ncurses libs might still remain).  And I will
be installing all locales and running the tests, then looking at the
logs and throwing it away ready for the second attempt.

Armin, sorry if this in muscling in on what you are doing - I'd just
like to fix up my own issues with static libs, particularly acl,
before I put 7.7 onto my remaining (slow) system.  Also, it lets me
check that qemu is working ok on this box.

I am not touching acl for the moment (as noted, for me using
--disable-static did not seem to work), nor libcap.

First, just a broad-brush approach to see what remains, and also to
see if running the eudev tests as nobody helps: I had already copied
that into my script, and I see that, at least in qemu, the LFS
partition is already owned by root).

For some of the other packages, I'm fairly sure I've added
--disable-static where the book goes with both static and shared, so
this is probably not going to be the whole story.

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