[lfs-dev] static libs

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Sat Mar 7 15:30:42 PST 2015

On 8.3.2015 0:21, Ken Moffat wrote:
> I've just started a 32-bit qemu build.  For most of the packages
> where I noticed static libs, I'm adding --disable-static.  Not for
> flex or zlib.  For ncurses I'm adding --disable-normal : I suspect
> it one or two static ncurses libs might still remain).  And I will
> be installing all locales and running the tests, then looking at the
> logs and throwing it away ready for the second attempt.
> Armin, sorry if this in muscling in on what you are doing - I'd just
> like to fix up my own issues with static libs, particularly acl,
> before I put 7.7 onto my remaining (slow) system.  Also, it lets me
> check that qemu is working ok on this box.
> I am not touching acl for the moment (as noted, for me using
> --disable-static did not seem to work), nor libcap.
> First, just a broad-brush approach to see what remains, and also to
> see if running the eudev tests as nobody helps: I had already copied
> that into my script, and I see that, at least in qemu, the LFS
> partition is already owned by root).
> For some of the other packages, I'm fairly sure I've added
> --disable-static where the book goes with both static and shared, so
> this is probably not going to be the whole story.
> ĸen

I haven't started doing anything yet and probably wont for some time. 
I'd be interested to learn about what you did. Sorting out the remaining 
issues shouldn't be a problem. We may need few seds for some packages, 
so feel free to use them if necessary.

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