[lfs-dev] gmp mpfr mpc static libraries

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 06:58:46 PDT 2015

Fernando de Oliveira wrote:

> I will do it slightly modified.
> For bzip2, I used:
>                  install -vdm755  /usr/lib/famo-static-libs
>                  xz -v /usr/lib/libbz2.a
>                  mv -vi /usr/lib/{libbz2.a.xz,famo-static-libs}
> and will do like that for others that I cannot remove in configure.
> There was a typo in previous one (after-thought).

That's a reasonable thing to do, but the hard part in my mind is figuring out 
what to keep and what is not needed.

   -- Bruce

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