[lfs-dev] incorrect md5sum in LFS 7.7?

Clyde McKenney clyde.mckenney at me.com
Wed Mar 11 11:43:31 PDT 2015


Please forgive my being a novice. 

I am trying to follow the LFS book version 7.7 (non-systemd). In Chapter 3.1, Packages and Patches, the md5sums file for the wget-list of packages includes the md5sum 


for package LFS-bootscripts-20150222.tar.bz2, but

the md5sum shown for that package in the following chapter 3.2 is


which I believe is the correct md5sum.

As a result, anyone who uses the md5sums file supplied to check their downloads using the wget-list file supplied will get an error.

I just wanted to report this to someone. Thanks.

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