[lfs-dev] incorrect md5sum in LFS 7.7?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 11:56:18 PDT 2015

Clyde McKenney wrote:
> Hello,
> Please forgive my being a novice.
> I am trying to follow the LFS book version 7.7 (non-systemd). In Chapter 3.1, Packages and Patches, the md5sums file for the wget-list of packages includes the md5sum
> 01e9eee2a7b6a59895a6df224c5fc2dd
> for package LFS-bootscripts-20150222.tar.bz2, but
> the md5sum shown for that package in the following chapter 3.2 is
> 614ac06496072ddc12659644b600c427,
> which I believe is the correct md5sum.
> As a result, anyone who uses the md5sums file supplied to check their downloads using the wget-list file supplied will get an error.

There was an error in the bz2 (and pdf) versions, but the md5sums file should be 

Actually, there are two copies of the md5sums file in different directories and 
one was incorrect.  I've fixed that.

Note that the files with different md5sums are really identical except for the 
internal timestamp of the tarball.

   -- Bruce

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