[lfs-dev] static libs: libc_nonshared.a and also gcc tests

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sat Mar 14 08:18:45 PDT 2015

Posting this under a slightly different title, to start a separate

1. For libc_nonshared.a I have concluded that it is not worth the
testing effort to keep it out of the normal search path.  In other
words. I keep it at /usr/lib/libc_nonshared.a : as well as the
book's sanity test, I had failures in linking the static libz.a, and
then I got  "C compiler cannot create executables" in one of the
next configure scripts.  For me, in the light of what Bruce pointed
out about current libc.so being an ld script, I have concluded that
it will be a waste of time, and fragile, to find exactly which
packages/tests need this.

2. With that file available, my i686 gcc/g++ tests had failures in
pr59063-2.c (gcc,g++) and pr61160-3.c (g++).  On a completed system,
copying the tests and linking with -L, -Wl,--verbose just works (the
shared libs are found), but creating static executables seems to
need libc.a for gcc, and libstdc++.a and libm.a for g++.  At the
moment, this is untested - I will start a build shortly, and pick up
what Bruce reported for the binutils tests.

This time, even if some of these tests still fail I intend to move
on an build a bootable qemu system, followed by some of BLFS (all
with 7.7 versions) to get a feel for how much pain hiding static
parts of libc might cause (but I won't run tests in BLFS).

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