[lfs-dev] gcc --with-glibc-version

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.net
Mon Mar 30 18:59:08 PDT 2015

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I ran a test and used --with-glibc-version=2.11 and the stack check 
> parameter was properly picked up.  The reason for 2.11 is that buried in 
> the configure code is an option (#define HAVE_GAS_GNU_UNIQUE_OBJECT 1) that
> is set if 2.11 or later is specified/detected.
> I'm not sure if this change would require the host system to have glibc 
> 2.11 or later, but it probably wouldn't hurt.  That glibc version was 
> released Nov 2009.

...My main system is running glibc-2.10.1.  My firewall is running glibc-2.3.2
-- although in that case, it doesn't matter as I'll cross compile from the
main system instead of building a new LFS on the machine.  (It's a P3, single
core.  It'll take forever to build on the machine.)

I'd really rather avoid making changes that require libcs newer than 2.10.1 on
the host, as it would seem to mean that I'm out of luck on ever getting back
onto a current build.  (As it would take too much to build an e.g. LFS 7ish
setup, followed by whatever "current" is at the time.)

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