[lfs-dev] gcc --with-glibc-version

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.net
Tue Mar 31 20:32:28 PDT 2015

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> In your case though, you would only need to change to 
> --with-glibc-version=2.10, but I am guessing it would work with 2.11 
> anyway.

Yeah, I misunderstood the effect of the configure option (in part because of
the changes being discussed, to set the minimum *host* glibc requirement).  I
thought it worked like glibc's --enable-kernel=xxx flag, in that the resulting
gcc would only work if the libc that *it* linked to (in its main gcc binary)
was at least the specified version.  (Like libc.so abort()s at startup if the
kernel version isn't at least whatever glibc was configured for.)  I figured
it would do something with symbol versioning or whatever to accomplish this.

Instead, according to:


the configure flag seems to be the minimum that the compiler will *target*,
i.e. it will only affect the compiler's output, not the compiler binary's
running, and actually only affects configure-time checks in the gcc build.

So I'm fine with that.  --with-glibc-version=2.11 should indeed work on my
system.  And I actually think changing the minimum host glibc back to whatever
it was (2.5.something?) might be a good idea, to avoid incorrect assumptions
in the future?  But up to you I suppose.

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