[lfs-dev] Fosdem

Julien Lepiller roptat at lepiller.eu
Sat Jul 30 14:43:25 PDT 2016


As you may know, last year the french translation team had a stand at
Fosdem[1] and we presented the project to the public. We could talk to
many interested people. We would like to get a stand this year too, and
we have asked for one as applications are now open.

Last year, we presented printed copies of the book in french and
english, and we were asked whether they were for sale. So we believe
that we could sell some this year (probably around 10 copies over the
week-end). Since the book's license is non-commercial, we would like to
get permission to sell them during the event, for the price they cost
us to print.

In any case, if you are around at that time, feel free to join.

Julien Lepiller

[1]: https://fosdem.org/2017/

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