[lfs-dev] grub

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 12:42:05 PDT 2016

Looking for opinions.  Should we update grub from beta2 to beta3?

 From the lfs point of view, I didn't notice any change when we did the 
last update to beta2.

Upstream does not seen to be very interested in releases.  2.00 was 2013, 
as was 2.02-beta2. beta3 was in February of this year.  I monitor the 
mailing list and there is almost no mentions of getting ready for a release.

We could wait, but it might be years -- or never.  OTOH, I have no idea if 
beta3 provides any benefits to LFS users.  From reading the developers 
mailing list, the activity seems to be on things like vmware and 
mainframes.  I don't recall anything in the last several years that would 
affect x86 systems.

   -- Bruce

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