[lfs-dev] Removing /lib64 symlink and /usr/lib64 revisited

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Wed Sep 7 23:53:24 PDT 2016

On 08/09/2016 07:53, DJ Lucas wrote:
> Okay, now that 7.10 has released, time to bring this up again. This 
> gets rid of the "seems to be moved" messages, as well as a most tests 
> for arch=x86_64. The /lib64 directory remains for LSB (and other 
> binary) compatibility. Requires changes to a few CMake packages, as 
> well as CLang, otherwise, relatively easy. I still haven't tested 
> rebuild of ada, but did build a significant portion of BLFS (and since 
> we are following what is already done for CLFS Pure64), seems 
> relatively safe.
> See patch to current SVN at:
> http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/~dj/lfs-nosymlinks.patch
> --DJ
I'd appreciate this move a lot : the sympling is a PITA when it comes to 
DESTDIR install, because in this case, the symlink does not exist, and 
has to be created for each installation (or some bad things happen later 
when moving the DESTDIR to the system dir.


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