[lfs-dev] Problems with gperf-3.1

Vladislav Dembskiy v.dembskiy at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 01:32:43 PST 2017

Dear colleagues,

If you try to reinstall libcap-2.25 in chapter 6 after installing gperf-3.1
you will get compilation errors during make stage like these:
./_caps_output.gperf:85:15: error: unknown type name 'size_t'
./_caps_output.gperf:206:29: error: conflicting types for

With gperf-3.0.4 there are no problems.

And it has been already reported somewhere that current version of systemd
used in the book does not compile with gperf-3.1

Kind regards,

<v.dembskiy at gmail.com>
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