[lfs-dev] Gawk-4.2.0

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 08:48:45 PDT 2017

John Burrell wrote:
> The configure command needs:
> --sysconfdir=/etc
> or else it writes to /usr/etc

Indeed you are right.  Looking at the scripts that are installed, I don't 
know that we want them at all.  They define six functions, but do not 
export them, so they are transient during the boot process.  They do 
export AWKPATH and AWKLIBPATH if called.  We do not call them.

It may not hurt to leave the scripts in /etc/profile.d, but their use 
seems pretty obscure to me.

We may want to use --sysconfdir=/dev/null, but that will throw an error 
when the Makefile tries to create a directory there.

A better option may be:

sed -i 's/extras//' Makefile.in

   -- Bruce

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