[lfs-dev] Dangling symlinks left after LFS build completion

NicP nicp at logma.ch
Sat Oct 28 02:52:42 PDT 2017


Just finished LFS 8.1 systemd stable version. I noticed 4 dangling 
symlinks pointing to the /tools directory :
/usr/lib/{libuuid.a,libmount.a,libblkid.a,liblzma.a} -> /tools/lib/

These links should also be removed in section 6.72 «Cleaning up» of the 

This may break some builds in BLFS. For instance Serf-1.3.9 does not 
build if the broken link libblkid.a is present (there was a thread in 
blfs-dev about that in september).

Best regards.

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