[lfs-dev] Future of i686 builds (in gcc, et al.)

Alain Toussaint alain at vocatus.pub
Thu Mar 8 12:19:25 PST 2018

> I call that a "heavy lift".  So my question morphed into: when does i686 hardware just lack the
> horsepower to "run" modern, i.e. kernel-3.x or kernel-4.x, LFS systems?

Maybe you don't know about Rob Landley's mkroot project (its only url for the moment:https://github.
com/landley/mkroot) but essentially, the project build gcc toolchain for a number of architecture
including i486 and then, build dropbear, a musl dynamic linked libc and a 4.14 kernel able to boot
on said 486, admittedly, under qemu and with 256MB of ram (real hardware didn't have that much at
the time) and I just pinged them an email to their list so that some work goes intobuilding an LFS
system under the that toolchain so that old and random hardware can use LFS.


mkroot: gcc 6.3, musl-libc git release, toybox and busybox, kernel 4.14.

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