[lfs-dev] Configuring vim and position of defaults.vim

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Mon Mar 12 08:57:13 PDT 2018

TL;DR - I think 'let skip_defaults_vim=1' should come BEFORE
'source $VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim' in /etc/vimrc.

Some weeks ago I complained about the change in vim's behaviour
(dropping back to previous position in a file), which turned out to
be caused by the inclusion of defaults.vim.

I thought I had a workaround, but in the end it didn't work so I
thought I would have to get used to it.  Meanwhile, I think it was
Thomas who said he liked this behaviour.

After much grumbling in my own file edits, today I rearranged some
explanatorr text in a BLFS xml file (break a command explanation by
inserting a newline) - the new line was severely indented, so I
started to backspace, and then near the beginning of the line the
backspace suddenly skipped back 8 spaces, i.e. it seemed to have
inserted a tab there.

So, I tried skipping the defaults in my own ~/.vimrc, and logging
out.  In the end I concluded that had not helped.  Searching around,
I eventually came upon

The last comment, from 'user brammool' seemed relevant (to a
question: If I like the defaults, but don't want them to overwrite
my system settings, the workaround is to source defaults.vim in the
system vimrc file, add the (few) settings I need and end with setting
"skip_defaults_vim"?) -

 Loading defaults.vim first does not allow for disabling that, that's
 a catch 22.

So, I tried changing my own /etc/vimrc to start:
" Begin /etc/vimrc
let skip_defaults_vim=1
source $VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim

set nocompatible

And that now seems to have restored the old behaviour, both when
editing that command explanation, and when making my own local git

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