[lfs-dev] "NaN MB" in Section 3.2

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 08:32:13 PDT 2018

On 03/23/2018 04:21 AM, Xi Ruoyao wrote:
> To support Linux wireless, we added OpenSSL to LFS. In packages.ent,
> the value of openssl-size is "5.1 MB".  Unfortunately, the calculating
> system in LFS book stylesheet doesn't support size in megabytes.  At
> last it outputs:
> "Total size of these packages: about NaN MB"
> So we should change openssl-size to "5,278 KB".

Good catch.  I'll fix it today.  I plan on adding 6 new package versions 
and will have that as a part of the update.

   -- Bruce

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