[lfs-dev] systemd-238

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 15:08:02 PDT 2018

I'm having a problem building systemd-238 in LFS to put it in the book.

I am using the current instructions with one change when removing tests.
What I have is:

tar -xf systemd-238.tar.gz
cd systemd-238
tar -xf ../systemd-man-pages-238.tar.xz
sed '171,$d' -i src/resolve/meson.build  #  <<<<< Change here
sed -i 's/GROUP="render", //' rules/50-udev-default.rules.in
mkdir -p build
cd       build
LANG=en_US.UTF-8                   meson --prefix=/usr 
    --sysconfdir=/etc                  --localstatedir=/var 
  -Dblkid=true                       -Dbuildtype=release 
-Ddefault-dnssec=no                -Dfirstboot=false 
-Dinstall-tests=false              -Dkill-path=/bin/kill 
-Dkmod-path=/bin/kmod              -Dldconfig=false 
-Dmount-path=/bin/mount            -Drootprefix= 
-Drootlibdir=/lib                  -Dsplit-usr=true 
-Dsulogin-path=/sbin/sulogin       -Dsysusers=false 
-Dumount-path=/bin/umount          -Db_lto=false

LANG=en_US.UTF-8 ninja

[319/1405] Compiling C object 'src/core/core at sta/dbus-service.c.o'.
FAILED: src/core/core at sta/dbus-service.c.o
cc  ...

In file included from ../src/basic/util.h:47:0,
                  from ../src/basic/hashmap.h:30,
                  from ../src/libsystemd/sd-bus/bus-match.h:25,
                  from ../src/libsystemd/sd-bus/bus-internal.h:30,
                  from ../src/core/dbus-service.c:25:
../src/basic/missing.h:528:17: error: expected identifier before numeric 
  #define MS_MOVE 8192
The relevant area of missing.h is:

#ifndef MS_MOVE
#define MS_MOVE 8192

This does not look like an error to me, but gcc doesn't like it.

This error only happens in chroot.  On a full-up 8.2 system, the same 
commands above do not produce an error.

Help appreciated.

   -- Bruce

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