Any way around static curses need in chapter 5?

William L. Maltby billm at
Sat Mar 2 06:16:01 PST 2002


It probably would have. But my goal is to attempt to install with whatever
is on the system, within limits. Since the book _implies_ that curses is
being used because the old termcap is now deprecated and not any other reason,
I figured that there was a chance that things could be done using the
termcap stuff.

BTW, both termcap and curses are there and both are share libs. So it may have
been a moot attempt if source is not already on the system. I would have to
get source regardless.

Ah well, such is the drunken weaving and bobbing of the ol' learning curve.

Hmmm, I wonder if ld or some other utility has the ability to make static
libs out of existing shared libs?

I'm going to look around. Anybody already know? Meantime, I'm going to get
the -dev package so I can continue testing the remainder of the stuff I'm
trying to get implemented.


Bill Maltby
billm at

In article <20020302131112.C1171 at markcomp>,
 markh at (Mark Hymers) writes:
|> On Sat, 02, Mar, 2002 at 01:02:02AM +0000, William L. Maltby spoke thus..
|> > I was successful in getting my semi-automated LFS to install
|> > on my RH 6.2. So I thought I would shoot two directions at once.
|> > That machine is now doing my _first_ LFS-based LFS semi-auto
|> > install.  :)  I started another test on my RH 6.0 to try and make
|> > the stuff useful for slightly older setups too. Unfortunately,
|> > I discovered that only .so versions of the ncurses stuff comes
|> > installed. So I tried removing --with-curses for the bash. It
|> > went just fine. But I knew it was to good to be true.

|> Wouldn't it have been easier to install the ncurses-dev package (or
|> whatever RH calls it) which will have the .a file?
|> Mark
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