Compiling in chapter 6 doesn't work

Sönke Tesch soenke at
Sun Mar 3 05:16:27 PST 2002

Hi all!

I've successfully created LFS 3.1 once, compiling on my Duron for an old 
Pentium using CFLAGS="-march=i586" and configure's --host=i586-pc-linux-gnu 

Since I installed LFS on a spare disk (to first give it a try) I now wanted
to install LFS on my usual disk and replace Debian.

Chapter 5 runs perfectly again, however I cannot compile glibc in chapter 6:
configure says that gcc doesn't work. Well, gcc actually works, but ld cannot
find a file called "crt1.o", which makes configure's gcc test compiler run
It is indeed missing in my new LFS directory tree, but at least it's both in 
the old Debian's /lib and the test LFS' /lib. I'm wondering why it's not in
the new LFS if it has been in the old, test one?

Has anybody an idea who should have created that file?

The compilation then stops after 10 minutes in some "sunrpc"-directory saying 
"execv: Permission denied". Not sure if this is related or a different problem
though but it should be a good start to get gcc working from configure's point
of view first.

It's an LFS 3.1 with the exception that I have patched glibc from 2.2.4 to .5,
all packages in chapter 5 have been compiled using the above mentioned options.
I also installed the kernel headers at the end of chapter 5, not in the middle,
but I guess this is not a problem?

Trying to compile glibc without cross-compiler options doesn't help (and will
probably make my system fail anyway on the old Pentium).

Any ideas?

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