Check my LFS installation?

Hannes Birnbacher noemail915 at
Sun Mar 3 13:29:38 PST 2002

Hi, all!

Am sitting here hollow-eyed, appartment looks like a pigs stable, 
cant't remember having eaten anything except some canned beans
and a few peanuts during the last few days and feel completely
Have completed chapter 6 just up to "configuring essential 
software" but it has cost nerves. Had to repair lots of typos 
(found out the hard way;-). With an incredible exactness I placed 
most of the typos where they prevented a static linked 
compilation, so I saw some "not found" errors when, in chapter 6, 
the compiled programs were needed;-).

I wonder if there is any script or trick to check the 
installation. For example, in good old MS-DOS I could do a 
recursive "dir /s > list" and then compare the created list to 
the same list of a correct installation, to find out any missing, 
misplaced or wrong size files. Is there anything similar in LFS, 
which I may not yet have found?

TIA, and sorry if the hint is somewhere and I just haven't found 
or remembered it!

And no, it did not make sense for me to download and use the 
prepared installation scripts. If I do not wish to do everything 
myself, including my mistakes, I just as well could have stayed 
with my SuSE 7.3. Never learnt so much about Linux in so short a 

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