about init

Michael michael at mprc.pku.edu.cn
Sun Mar 3 18:01:38 PST 2002

    I have some problems about init during installing lfs.
That is when i reboot into the new kernel partition, it always
stop at  starting init , and it tells "kernel panic: can't find init....."

    In fact , i have two partitioins, one(hda1) is for redhat 7.1, and 
another(hda6) is for lfs. I first prepare all the directories, and then
in redhat i compile the kernel , and cp the bzImage to /boot, append
to lilo.conf like this
    After that , i compile and install  the SysVinit into the lfs partitioin,
i can see the init and others commands in /sbin of lfs partition,
but when rebooting, kernel tell me the problem it can't find init.
    can you tell me why the problem jump out? I am very anxious to 
know the reason.


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