How to tell if package installation is succeeding?

Hannes Birnbacher noemail915 at
Sun Mar 3 22:47:51 PST 2002

Antwort auf die Message vom 04 Mrz 2002 von Steve Purdy:

> So much stuff flies across the screen during compilation,
> it's difficult to know if it has succeeded or failed after is
> stops.  Is there a way to spot errors right away?

If you see much stuff, it has succeeded;-). Error messages often 
produce a few lines only. 

Maybe you wish to enter the installation scripts line by line, 
leaving out the "&&". So you can see if at the end of configure, 
compile etc. there is the one line telling you that something 
went wrong.

Disclaimer: I'm a beginner like you. Just completed Chapter 5 + 

If you wanna be good, you gotta read. 
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