versioning necessary for glibc-2.2.5 on powerpc

Frank Ganske frank.ganske at
Tue Mar 5 02:00:55 PST 2002

> ../sysdeps/powerpc/dl-machine.c:33: #error This will not work with
> versioning turned off, sorry.

Versioning is on by default since glibc 2.(1?) if binutils can do this (glibc faq 1.17). "./configure" tests this. The Problem was a typo while entering into the chroot'ed environment. "HOME" was'nt correctly set. /root/.bash_profile/ was'nt executed. "PATH" was'nt set. "./configure" couldnt find the binarys.

Prompt was "bash-2.0.5a", not "I have no name!". 

Also ld could'nt be found (before i set the PATH manualy (after ./configure)).

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