Compiling in chapter 6 doesn't work

Sönke Tesch soenke at
Tue Mar 5 03:30:56 PST 2002

Marc Heerdink wrote:
: Op zo 03-03-2002, om 14:16 schreef Sönke Tesch:
: [..]
:> It's an LFS 3.1 with the exception that I have patched glibc from 2.2.4 to .5,
:> all packages in chapter 5 have been compiled using the above mentioned options.

: You did read the patch headers, right? IIRC, something has to be done
: after patching glibc ;)

Sorry, which patch headers? Since I first didn't know how to apply that diff
file I did in fact look for some instructions on the glibc-pages, in the diff
file and also asked Google, which finally the told me to use patch.

I only have the *.diff-file, and that one starts directly with the changes to 
apply to ChangeLog. No other readme's in sight that seem to contain special 
instructions for this update.

Would be nice if you could give me a hint on what else I have to do to avoid
downloading glibc as a whole again. After all, that's what the diff file 
exists for :)


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