Can't chroot to new LFS!

Hannes Birnbacher noemail915 at
Tue Mar 5 22:15:43 PST 2002

Antwort auf die Message vom 06 Mrz 2002 von "doc":

>  I'm upto the part where i need to chroot into the new,
>  staticly linked, LFS partition, but there is no /usr/bin/env
>  to speak of. 

You should not chroot into a directory /usr/bin/env. 

You created a directory tree under your old system, for example 
at /mnt/lfs/ there is another complete Linux directory tree. Now 
you wish to change into that new tree and hide everything which 
is above from your system, with chroot $LFS. Seems you made a 
typo and forgot the space between "chroot $LFS" and the parameter 
"/usr/bin/env -i..."?

Disclaimer: I am a beginner like you, just worked my way through 
chapter 5 and 6.

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