Can't chroot to new LFS!

Eric Woerdeman ericw at
Thu Mar 7 02:36:35 PST 2002

doc wrote:

>  hi,   i am trying to build a LFS system, and i have ran into a
> problem. I'm upto the part where i need to chroot into the new,
> staticly linked, LFS partition, but there is no /usr/bin/env to speak
> of. Not on my first linux, or the new LFS one. Can i simply create the
> dir? or is there supposed to be something in there? or, perhaps, have
> i stuffed up somewhere and deleted or overwitten something because now
> my bash promt looks different, and i can't start xfree86 any more on
> my first linux. I am running TurboLinux 6.1, kernel 2.2.16, glibc 2.1
> and now working from bash. I had to turn off my computer between
> creating the new bash_profile and

I have the same problem. I do the install via 2 telnet sessions (1 for
unpacking, patching and stuff, one for the compile, don't ask me why).
At one stage I mixed them up, and now it seems I have messed up group
and passwd files on my original installation. The prompt also looks
different, so the profile's not in the right place too. Damn. I'm now
looking into this little problem, see if I can continue or have to
correct first.

Bye, Eric

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